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In July 2012 was born the first leveling system for floors and coatings that use rotation around the axis.

It’s call Tiramisù.

is the new point of reference for the next leveling system. It don’t need help of pliers or guns. Tiramisù is composed from two pieces: one rod and one knob. First piece: with a lower base that fits through bottom and tile, and a superior threaded bottom. Second piece: with a level base, useful for leveling and threaded hole in the high part that splice perfect with the rod. 

Do strength without effort! And if you make a mistake you can go back! Our passion will provide you speed of use, precision and long way in time. This solution allows to do more pressure on the leveling without effort. It is possibile to screw off the knob in case of mistake, without break no pieces. We point to hight quality standard, study of primary material and forefront printing technique, but above all a lot of passion in everythings we do.
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